Maestro Alfred Gershfeld

Maestro Alfred Gershfeld, Artistic Director and Principal Conductor, holds advanced degrees in conducting and violin performance from the Kishnev and Moscow Conservatories in the former Soviet Union. Prior to emigrating to the United States, Maestro Gershfeld was conductor of the Moldavian Chamber and Symphony Orchestras and the Moscow Bolshoi Theater. In 1977 he was elected Honored Artist of the Moldavian Republic. He has returned frequently to Moscow to conduct a series of concerts. Currently Alfred Gershfeld is a tenured Professor of Conducting and Director of Orchestras at the New World School of the Arts in Miami. He has appeared as guest conductor in many cities and universities in the United States and has conducted several performances of two Russian operas for the Sarasota Opera Association. He is the composer of the children’s opera “Karlson on the Roof” which received its U.S. premiere performance at the Sarasota Opera House.

Dr. Jon Magendanz

Dr. Jon K. Magendanz, Assistant Conductor of AMICCO, has a rich and varied background as a violinist. After he retired from the practice of dentistry and dental anesthesiology in New York, he focused most of his attention on performing in and leading musical organizations throughout the country. Presently he is a freelance musician and performs in the Schenectady, Catskill and Utica Symphonies as well as locally with the Venice Symphony and AMICCO. He has performed in Seattle and Boston and in Connecticut and Michigan. Internationally he has performed in Italy, Austria and Vietnam. A man of many talents, he has a degree in paralegal studies and is a graduate of Wesleyan University, Connecticut and SUNY Dental School at Buffalo.

Daniel Hoffman

Daniel Hoffman, Chorus Master and Bass, is an honors graduate of the world-renowned Indiana University School of Music, where he studied choral conducting and had the opportunity to garner experience with such luminaries as Robert Shaw, Leonard Bernstein and Julius Rudel. Dan has worked with various symphonic and chamber choirs and has directed music programs for churches. In addition, Dan has been the music director, stage director and/or choreographer for many stage productions. He is also a composer and music arranger, with works including a full-length Broadway-style musical. Dan is also an accomplished bass-baritone and has performed with such opera companies as Cincinnati Opera, Kentucky Opera, Nashville Opera and the Tennessee Opera Theater. Currently, Dan is the Assistant Director of Music for The First United Methodist Church in Sarasota and a Choral Artist with Gloria Musicae. In addition to his music, Dan is a graduate of the Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky and a member of The Florida Bar.


AMICCO Members


Adler, Louise
Barrett, Linda
Bell, Mary
Bouton, Marcy
Caya, Molly
Crews, Mark
DeBolt, Jim
DiPalma, Martha
Edmondson, David
Ellinger, Sandy
Friedlander, Alex
Gaillard, Kira
Gregson, Elizabeth
Gregson, John
Hamilton, Judith

Heaton, Peggy
Hensel, Karen
Hoffman, Daniel
Kesler, David
Kieft, John
Leitner, Joy
Little, Leandra
Lohr, Larry
Marcheck, Barbara
Mayer, Rich
McIntyre, Dick
Miller, Fran
Miller, Jason
Mullet, Sanford
Neale, Judith

Nelson, Deanna
Parry, Marilyn
Pontius, Suann
Potter, Madeline
Ryan, Joe
Ryan, Kristine
Schisler, Laura
Septic, Laura
Smilde, Lorna
Smith, Ellen
Subkoviak, Mary
Trumbo, Robert
Veglia, Francesca
Wiskow, Kyle
Zak, Joan



Adams, Richard
Birdsall, Claudia
Brooker, Anita
Carney, Victoria
Chatzistamatis, Joy
Clark, Carolyn
Del Pozo, Jessica
Dendy, Matthew
Franco, Helene
Inman, Renee
Jourawleff, Francesca
Lowe, Sherry
Magendanz, Donna
Magendanz, Jon
Preves, David.
Ratzenboeck, Karissa
Rawley, Nicole
Rinsema, Nicole
Rowe, Janet
Whitby, Beverly


Bellosa, Karla
Emmons, Kelly
Fletcher, Renee
Glazar, Daniel
Morse, Erin
Rosenblum, Myron
Tuttle, Karen


Bellosa, Kevin
Hackert, Catherine
Musgrove, Elenita
Silbaugh, Karolyn Kym
Wright, Charles


Bruno, Joseph Jr.
Lane, Ed
Mingus, Isaac
Riley, Christopher
Voorhees, Gregg

Janisch, Suki
Preves, Patti


Daige, Stephanie
Jones, Leslie
Weintraub, Jason


Elmore, Vicki
Jorgensen, Richard
Klages, Karen
Nichols, Diane
Notari, Robert


Murphy, Leonard
Gibbons, Mary


Messner, Troy
Moore, Robert
Reinstrom, Gary
Robinson, Dallas
Sarazua, Sabrina


Bagaus, David
Brian, Aric
Fee, Michael
Sãenz, Carlos Jr.


Medlin, Robert
Musgrove, Martin
Terry, Steve


Guth, Eric


Anderson, Dean
Barnett, Jack
Ho, Fai Fai


Bryn, Don