Here are some opportunities available

Treasurer – The Treasurer is a member of the Board of Directors and serves on its Executive Committee. The Treasurer
is responsible for the financial transactions and records of the organization. At each meeting of the Board of Directors
the Treasurer submits a financial report of update regarding income/expenses to date, as compared to Budget
projections. The Treasurer chairs the Finance/Budget Committee and ensures the duties incident to the office are
managed. The Ticket Sales Manager and Bookkeeper report to the Treasurer.

Secretary – The Secretary is a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors and serves on various Board Committees as required or requested. As official “Keeper of the Records” for AMICCO, the Secretary is responsible for recording all Board transactions at each Board meeting. Duties include:

  • Ensuring copies of documents distributed at the meetings are officially included in the Minutes
  • Maintain Book of Records
  • Manage official correspondence, working closely with Executive Director to send notices regarding meeting, rehearsal and concert dates/times
  • Maintain list of donors (past and present) and other such relevant contacts
  • Assist in organizing the Annual AMICCO Members’ meeting

Bookkeeper – The Bookkeeper reports to the Treasurer, works closely with the Executive Director and performs these duties:

  • Make Deposits
  • Notify Secretary of donations and maintain donor database (Excel)
  • Categorize deposits/payments in QuickBooks
  • Writes and distributes Checks
  • Furnish monthly Balance Sheet and P/L Statements
  • Support Annual budget preparation
  • Pay subcontract musicians / prepare and report 1099 & 1096 information
  • File 501(c)(3) and other State/Federal reports

Ticket / Box Office Manager – The Ticket / Box Office Manager reports to the Treasurer, works closely with the Executive Director and performs these duties:

  • Implement AMICCO’s ticket policy (pricing, series tickets, complimentary policy, etc.) and make recommendations for improvement and efficiency.
  • Provide updates at Board meetings
  • Maintain accurate records of tickets sales
  • Manage the sale and distribution of tickets through online technology; reconcile online payment receipts
  • Liaise with Chamber of Commerce, providing tickets and bank for direct Chamber sales
  • Manage Box Office at each concert to ensure effective pre-concert onsite ticket sales

Fundraising / Grant Manager – The Fundraising / Grant Manager serves as an Officer of the Board, works directly with the Executive Director and is responsible for planning, implementing and overseeing all fundraising efforts. Responsibilities include:

  • Design development activities and conduct campaigns
  • Manage annual giving program and special fundraising events/activities
  • Lead the writing of grant applications and identify task force members to carry out this task
  • Integrate fundraising goals with social media technology to maximize AMICCO’s online presence
  • Determine opportunities for community outreach and partnership in an effort to strengthen AMICCO’s presence

Executive Assistant – The Executive Assistant serves on various Board Committees as required or requested. Assisting the Secretary and Executive Director in various tasks, the EA will help maintain records of donors, assist in bookkeeping, marketing and social media efforts as well as provide onsite support at performances including Symphony on the Sand as well as fundraisers.

Other opportunities:

Social Media Manager

House Manager

Volunteer Coordinator

Public Relations/Publicity & Social Media/Marketing/Publications

Program Ad Sales

Youth Program